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Charity Race Meeting

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The final race meeting of the season is always full of fun and frolics. All proceeds go to charity and this year it was the air ambulance who benefited, a charity often needed by the equine sector. After a rather dismal start to the day the afternoon was sunny with good racing to entertain the atmospheric crowd.

The Nursery race is for young horses or new drivers to hone their skills before moving into competitive racing. Evenwood Predator with owner David Duggan from Howey in the seat looks all set to give the family one to follow next season, they took first place from another improver Talavary Zodiac (Thomas & Staples, Merthyr) while young Shannon Edmunds on Jets Girl (Langford, Onibury) gained valuable driving experience in third.

In the first Novice race the impressive Rhyds Panalulah claimed another win for the Gething family from Ewyas Harold under the guidance of trainer Derek Pritchard, while in second was the aptly named Second Affair (Thomas, Rhymney) with Ayr Fella (Lloyd & Samuel, Painscastle) making up ground to be third. In the second Novice it was Turn the Paige driven by Janet Thomas from Tregroes for the Miles stable from Merthyr, this mare has found spectacular form in the later part of the season. They gained another win this week from an improved Beacon Spellbound (Davies, Huntington) while the quirky Hurricane Howard (Duggan, Llangunllo) was third.

In the Baby Novice race the strong minded Garth Vader (Williams, Brecon) partnered by Lynne Boxhall was first passed the post with stable mate Brywins Awesome (Hardwick, Brecon) in second and Beg for Mercy (Tromans, Newcastle Emlyn) was third.

In the grade B, husband and wife team Robert & Louisa Barton went head to head on the Weigel stable from Llanddewi Velfrey entries, it was Robert having his first drive for several months who inspired Makemeamillionayr to thrust his head out and beat Louisa on Ayr Ontario while Hyar Temptation with Janet Thomas Tregroes was third.

Rebus (Thomas, Rhymney) is a little horse who has come into his own in the last half of the season, and with Mark Evans at the controls they claimed the Grade A prize beating the long time leader Scoobys Dream (Williams, Brecon) while the backmarker Chinatown Kolt (Jones, Llanllwni) was third.

After the presentation of the season’s awards the afternoon proceeded with the light hearted races, the first was the human race where the horse was replaced with a person. There was plenty of rivalry with most of the ‘drivers’ being chosen for their small size, while most of the ‘horses’ were young and athletic.

The non whip race followed when Rhyds Panalulah (Gething, Ewyas Harold) with trainer Derek Pritchard in the seat needed little encouragement to claim a second win from Ayr Ontario (Weigel, Llanddewi Velfrey) with Ayr Fella (Lloyd & Samuel, Painscastle) only inches away in third.

Six entries in the saddle race provided a wonderful spectacle for the public with two of the entries bidding farewell to their racing careers. Ten year old Meadowland Hasty (Price, Brecon) has been a wonderful horse and has especially excelled under saddle usually accompanied by Emma Layton, while No Mercy (Weigel, Llanddewi Velfrey) the saddle horse of 2017 is twelve year old and he is bowing out at the end of a very successful career. In contrast Rebus (Thomas, Rhymney) the first time in a saddle race and partnered by first timer Lucy Thomas, cousin to the owner, flew to the front to win from Makemeamillionayr (Weigel, Llanddewi Velfrey) while Brywins Jo Jo (Jones, Ammanford) took third.

The Junior race is to encourage the youngsters who often do a lot of the work looking after the horses at home, giving them their moment to shine. Ellie Tromans from Newcastle Emlyn on the family’s Beg for Mercy completed a championship season winning from Hurricane Howard this week ridden by Josie Duggan from Howey, Ceri Bevan from Llanddewi riding Jets Girl (Langford, Onibury) was third, while Forest Gump (Duggan, Llangunllo) despite the best efforts of Issy John showed declining enthusiasm in fourth.

The Non Drivers race gives the chance to those trackside experts to show what they can do! This week there were three who had never race driven before, but it was Stella Havard, having hung up her race colours nine years ago due to injury, who urged their new acquisition Talavary Activator (Roberts, Dinmore) to sneak victory from another ex driver Alan Peters with Habberley Playboy (Gittins & Johns Shrewsbury) while Lane House Patch and Richard Staples from Merthyr was third.

The final race of the day was a mile and a quarter Free For All it was the muscular Ithon Inmate (Price, Brecon) with trainer Derek Pritchard in the seat who surged up the home straight to claim a fitting end to a wonderful season, in second was Chinatown Kolt (Jones, Llanllwni) another horse who has enjoyed a magnificent year, while Second Affair (Thomas Rhymney) who was third, is a novice who was not disgraced in the illustrious company.

With the final race meeting over, it is time for the horses to be turned out, the owners, trainers and drivers will still look back on the season and wonder what if... Soon however it will be time for thoughts and plans to go towards next season. The 2018 season will start in May when as one of our commentators would often say we shall be trotting for your entertainment.

Detailed Results

Race 1 - Nursery
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Evenwood Preditor Gate £0
2 Talavary Zodiac Gate £0
3 Jets Girl 30 £0
4 Llwyns Mercy Gate £0
5 Talavary Crown Gate £0
6 Cool Runner Gate £0
Time: 2.182

Race 2 - Baby Novice
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Garth Vader 10 £25
2 Brywins Awesome Gate £10
3 Beg For Mercy 20 £5
4 Ladyford John 10 £0
5 Bets All Off Gate £0
6 Bad Romance 20 £0
7 C U Maggie 10 £0
PU Ithon JR Gate £0
Time: 2.150

Race 3 - Novice
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Rhyds Panalulah 10 £25
2 Second Affair 20 £10
3 Ayr Fella Gate £5
4 Lane House Patch Gate £0
5 Meadowland Olympic 10 £0
Time: 2.113

Race 4 - Novice
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Turn The Paige Gate £25
2 Beacon Spellbound 20 £10
3 Hurricane Howard 10 £5
4 Evenwood Thumps Up 20 £0
5 Talavary Activator 20 £0
Time: 2.111

Race 5 - Grade B
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Makemeamillionayr Gate £25
2 Ayr Ontario Gate £10
3 Hyar Temptation 10 £5
4 Made In Wales Gate £0
5 Brywins Jo Jo Gate £0
6 Chinatown Samuel 10 £0
Time: 2.098

Race 6 - Grade A
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Rebus 30 £25
2 Scoobys Dream Gate £10
3 Chinatown Kolt 40 £5
4 Habberley Playboy 10 £0
5 Ithon Inmate 30 £0
Time: 2.090

Race 7 - Saddle
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Rebus 50 £25
2 Makemeamillionayr Gate £10
3 Brywins Jo Jo Gate £5
4 Scoobys Dream 20 £0
5 Meadowland Hasty 20 £0
6 No Mercy 40 £0
Time: 2.098

Race 8 - Junior
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Beg For Mercy Gate £25
2 Hurricane Howard 20 £10
3 Jets Girl 10 £5
4 Forest Gump 30 £0
Time: 2.131

Race 9 - Other Non Whip
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Rhyds Panalulah 30 £25
2 Ayr Ontario 50 £10
3 Ayr Fella 20 £5
4 Turn The Paige 20 £0
5 Garth Vader Gate £0
6 Beacon Spellbound 40 £0
Time: 2.122

Race 10 - Other Non Driver
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Talavary Activator 20 £25
2 Habberley Playboy 50 £10
3 Lane House Patch Gate £5
4 Evenwood Thumps Up 20 £0
5 Made In Wales 30 £0
Time: 2.137

Race 11 - FFA
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Ithon Inmate Gate £25
2 Chinatown Kolt Gate £10
3 Second Affair Gate £5
4 Hyar Temptation Gate £0
Time: 2.526