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Graham Lewis Interview by Webmaster

Graham Lewis grew up in north Wales on his fathers farm and has since travelled the world pursuing his harness racing goals. He kindly answered some questions and allowed me to put together this interview.

When I grew up there were always horses - show jumpers and hunters. My father also had a keen interest in trotters. My brother and I shared his interest and in 1970 we started to look after horses for Joe Hill senior.

I continued to work with horses for the next ten years - racing on tracks in Wales as well as trips to Manchester and York for my father and his horses. During this time I was also lucky enough to work with JS Jones and Peter Lee.

In 1981 I travelled across the ocean to take up racing in America. Racing in Pocono Downs, Rooservelt raceway , Yonkers and Monticello. On the closure of Rooservelt raceway took some time out of the sport.

In 2001 I once again entered the harness racing world with a small stable of 5 horses. In total I raced 111 times with 8 wins 9 seconds 5 thirds and made $23,291. Most of my wins came in the last 7 weeks of the season in plainridge mass. I also raced in the New York sire stakes, and will race again in the New York sires stakes circuit this year with a 3yo filly.

Hopefully this year will be my best yet - it takes time to grow, being a one man band. Credit must also go to my girlfriend of 4 years Carol. I could not do it without her - you need a good woman behind you if you are to make a good impression.

I am happy to not only get a chance to race horses for a living, but to represent Wales, or at least let every one know were I am from. There are some great horsesmen in Wales that do not get the credit they deserve.

I remember when I worked for JS Jones helping to ship horses to the USA. I was on a propeller plain to the USA bringing with me a horse I had sold for Joe Hill Jnr to Frank Popfinger. The horse was Anniversary Hill who raced at successfully at Rooservelt - winning many races in the US. Shipping horses was a lot of fun but racing them is better!

The horsemen I grew up with included Peter Lee and Ian Pimlot, who is in my opinion one of the all true horseman. There are many others.

I hope to return to Wales and race at my home track Tir Prince next year, as I will be over visiting my family.

March 2004

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