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Joint Meeting

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Joint race meeting of Wales & Border Counties & Wales & West HRA at Almeley on Saturday 15th September 2018.

This is the third year for Wales & Border counties racing and Wales & West Harness racing to collaborate in order to run a joint race meeting. With twenty races scheduled there was plenty of racing activity for trotting enthusiasts.

The afternoon began with Wales & Border nursery races, these are always interesting as they give the young horses and drivers a chance to learn the ‘racing game’ and perhaps give pointers of ones to watch. C U Salou (Preece, Orleton) is a young horse who has not been on the track many times and ran well to claim victory from the Norfolk horse Hightops belonging to the Brightwell family while Fold Take Flight (Miles, Merthyr) is improving weekly to be third. In the second Nursery it was Fronfelin Duchess (Hawkes, Wigmore) with the learner driver Carrie Davies at the controls who was first from Luminous (Weigel, Llanddewi Velfrey) with Cool Runner the youngster belonging to Mike Lloyd from Kingswood in third.

A mishap in the third race meant a re-run later in the day. So the next race was the Wales & West C Class Drivers race where Chinatown Beauty and Kayleigh Evans just managed to hold on from Touch of Chaps (Perfect, Longmains) while Wellfield Willy (Edwards, North Wales) took third by a narrow margin.

The WWHRA maiden followed where Dernol Dancer (John Wright) ran impressively to claim first prize from GDs Wings (Evans), while No Respect (Millard, Stourbridge), was third.

The WWHRA mares’ series race was won by Mattriarch driven by Dylan Lloyd Jones for the Jones family from in second was Shanana Hanover (Cook, Brecon) while Ayr Hostess (Connors, Cardiff) was third.

Mahogany Charmer the Dyer family from Cardiff horse driven by Jessica Dyer won the WWHRA maiden and novice race from Coffee Mate (Elvin, North Wales) while Brywins Playgirl (Young, Hereford), was third.

The re-run of the W&BC Grade B was then run, with Makemeamillionayr driven by Mark White for the Weigel family from Llanddewi Velfrey winning comfortably from Tillies Laag (Evans, Brecon) while close behind was Made in Wales (Hawkes, Wigmore).

In the W&BC first Novice Beg for Mercy driven by Mathew Tromans ran another good race for young owner/trainer Ellie Tromans from Newcastle Emlyn while just behind Lady Lisleen (Jones/Harries, Merthyr) ran on well for second place and Ook whos coming (Evans, Brecon) was third. In the second Novice the long time leader Turn the Paige (Miles, Merthyr) driven as usual by Janet Thomas just held off the late challenges of Dernol Yankee (Wozencraft, Llangurig) and Ithon Legacy (Hardwick, Llanbister).

The W&BC Grade A race saw the inform Second Affair (Thomas, Rhymney) claim another victory for driver Mark Evans, beating Chinatown Kolt (Jones, Llanllwni) by a large margin with Ayr Hero (Bevan, Llanddewi) in third.

In the WWHRA Novice it was Lyons Saint Marys the homebred owned by the North Wales stable of Lyons-Mound and driven by trainer Michael O’Mahony who won comfortably from Springhill Bilzer (Davies, Midlands) while Brywins Vacation (Walker, Staffs) was third.

Race 12 was the WWHRA Grade 1 & 2 in which Lissa Edwards from North Wales claimed a winner with the family’s Wellfield Willy in second was The Dark Destroyer while Rhyds Gambler (Millstream stud, Staffs) was third.

Immortal John won the WWHRA Grade 1 to 3 race driven by trainer David Bevan beating Lane House Stan (Price, Builth) while Hidden Treasure (Allen, Hereford) was third.

Ian Pimlott a world renowned reinsmen, especially behind a trotter, claimed the Le Trot 4 year old series winning comfortably with Enez Leman owned by the Evans family from Tregaron, in second place was stable-mate Etoile de Villodon while Espoir Du Torp (Ripley, Kent) was third.

The next race was W&BC Baby Novice race where Hyar Friction produced a superb run for her owner Janet Thomas from Tregroes to win comfortably from Pegasus Dream (Meaney, Merthyr) while Bets All Off (Sargent, Newbridge) was third. The Dash is always a popular event and this week was no exception as Lady Lisleen (Jones/Harris, Merthyr) dictated terms in the experienced hands of Mark White while Talavary Activator with owner Martin Roberts from Dinmore on board kept the inside line to claim second from Tillies Laag (Evans, Brecon) in third. The final W & B C race was the saddle, this a speciality of welsh racing dominated by the lady jockeys. This week it was a first win for Issy John in open classes having just graduated from the juniors, her partner this week was the effervescent Hurricane Howard belonging to the Duggan family from Llangunllo, in second was the aptly named No Stoppin (Greenway, Michaelchurch Eskley) while Habberley Playboy (Gittins/Johns, Shrewsbury) was third.

The afternoon finished with three WWHRA races, the first Grade 2 to 4 saw Mahogany Oleg (Davies, Midlands) driven by trainer David Bevan, giving him his second winner of the day from Coalford Lachance (Plant, Midlands) in second place while Blytheview Jake (Podmore, Staffs) was third. The WWHRA Le Trot the Charlie Blisset Memorial race, was the next on the card with Univers de Crennes driven by local man Lee Morris for the Millstream stud Staffs winning comfortably from Thunder Jiel (Button) while Totem Turgot (Cowden) was third. The final race of the day was the WWHRA Top Grade Pace where Coalford Tetrick (Williams, Merthyr) driven by Aaron Williams was first passed the post from Cash Point (Baker, Hereford) with Majs Lad (Heaton, Staffs) in third.

So after an exciting day of racing next week is the final meeting of the season when all proceeds go to charity, low prize money, high prestige is the reward for a win at the party race meeting of the season. The charity meeting in aid of Macmillan nurses and the local hospice will be at the Almeley track on Saturday September 22nd starting at 1.30pm

Detailed Results

Race 1 - Nursery
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 C U Salou Gate £0
2 High Tops Gate £0
3 Fold Take Flight Gate £0
4 Talavary Crown Gate £0
5 Samuri Gate £0
Time: 2.220

Race 2 - Nursery
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Fronfelen Duchess 20 £0
2 Luminous Gate £0
3 Cool Runner Gate £0
4 Duke Special Gate £0
Time: 2.256

Race 3 - Baby Novice
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Hyar Friction Gate £60
2 Pegasus Dream 10 £20
3 Bets All Off 20 £10
4 Hilltop Recon 20 £0
5 Ithon JR 10 £0
6 Talavary Zodiac 10 £0
7 Mr Blue Sky 10 £0
8 Yanky Strider 10 £0
Time: 2.158

Race 4 - Novice
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Beg For Mercy Gate £100
2 Lady Lisleen 10 £40
3 Ook Whos Coming Gate £20
4 Danny Blue 10 £0
5 Whiskeyandwater Gate £0
6 No Stoppin 20 £0
Time: 2.150

Race 5 - Novice
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Turn The Paige 10 £100
2 Dernol Yankee 10 £40
3 Ithon Legacy Gate £20
4 C U Maggie Gate £0
5 The Chancer 20 £0
6 Afanbellsprincess 10 £0
7 Morning Breeze 10 £0
Time: 2.148

Race 6 - Grade B
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Makemeamillionayr Gate £180
2 Tillies Larg Gate £40
3 Made In Wales Gate £20
4 Talavary Activator Gate £0
5 Ayr Major Gate £0
6 Immortal Breeze 10 £0
7 Greenhill Lillian Gate £0
F Enter The Dragon 10 £0
F Ayr Ontario 20 £0
Time: 2.126

Race 7 - Grade A
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Second Affair 10 £200
2 Chinatown Kolt 10 £40
3 Ayr Hero 30 £20
4 Habberley Playboy Gate £0
5 Camden Callen Gate £0
6 Scoobys Dream Gate £0
7 Rhyds Design 10 £0
Time: 2.103

Race 8 - Dash
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Lady Lisleen Gate £60
2 Talavary Activator Gate £20
3 Tillies Larg Gate £10
4 Fronfelen Duchess Gate £0
5 Made In Wales Gate £0
6 Danny Blue Gate £0
7 Chinatown Kolt 30 £0
Time: 1.376

Race 9 - Saddle
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
0 Ystwyth Valley Gate £0
0 The Chancer Gate £0
1 Hurricane Howard Gate £60
2 No Stoppin Gate £20
3 Habberley Playboy 30 £10
4 Habberley Haste 20 £0
5 Camden Callen 30 £0
6 C U Maggie Gate £0
Time: 2.178