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Hundred House Racing

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Hundred House has long links with trotting and the evening meeting at the end of the annual show is always a highlight in the local calendar. This year after a very successful show the exciting racing provided a lovely evening of entertainment with brilliant sunshine to boot.

The Nursery provided the Peters family from Upper Longwood justification for the years of patience and hard work involved with breeding and racing their own Danny Blue as John Peters led over the finish line from the coloured Pilsbury Lady (Rogers, Asterton) while the improving Caenwood Milynn (Bufton Dolau) was in third.

Greenwood Romeo fresh from his win last week on the all weather track made it two in a row for the Duggan family from Llangunllo under the gentle guidance of David Duggan in second was Tommy the Dealer (Lewis Llanbister) while Sable Sam (Tromans Newcastle Emlyn) was third.

Maple Star (Lorna Perks Presteigne) in the hands of Rebecca Williams from Ludlow made nothing of the ups and downs of the old-fashioned track winning from an impressive Chinatown Maori (Jones Aberdare) with Sunnyside Geoff (Williams, Brecon) in third.

The first heat of the Grade A provided the petrol money for her long journey for the Evans family of Newcastle Emlyn with the grey Scoobies Dream (Lloyd Kington) in second and last week’s hero Bon Jasper (Jones Llanllwni) in third. Meadowbranch Mike with owner Debbie Hitchcock at the controls took charge of the second Grade A heat ahead of Meadowland Hasty (Price Brecon) and newcomer Wellfield Ladygrey (Barton Clunderwen).

Goldness with owner Lee Evans from Llanwrtyd claimed another win in the Baby Novice from the much improved Ithon Gift (Bird Ludlow) while Glan Kirsty (Evans Talgarreg) had to settle for third.

In the saddle race Bridget Lewis and Rebecca Williams had a battle royal for most of the race but Rebecca Hitchcock motivated Sunnyside Geoff on the home straight to claim victory for the Williams family from Brecon with Secret Agenda [Rebecca Williams] (Duggan Llangunllo) second and Dragon Penlan [Bridget Lewis] (Barton Clunderwen) third.

The Grade final completed the evening’s racing with the newly promoted Clares Own (Evans Newcastle Emlyn) and driven by Mathew Tromans leading the charge to the line while Meadowbranch Mike (Hitchcock Haverfordwest) claimed second and Scoobies Dream (Lloyd Kington) was third.

Next week on Saturday September 14th with demonstration races at Kington Show at mid-day with another traditional meeting at Beulah Show starting at 4pm.

Detailed Results

Race 1 - Nursery
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Danny Blue Gate £0
2 Pilsbury Lady Gate £0
3 Caenwood Milynn Gate £0
4 Hello Vera Gate £0
Time: 2.297

Race 2 - Baby Novice
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Gold Ness 10 £60
2 Ithon Gift 10 £25
3 Glan Kirsty 20 £15
4 Big Harry 10 £0
5 Grecho Gate £0
6 Fitch Gate £0
7 Ithon Eddie 20 £0
Time: 2.207

Race 3 - Novice
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Greenwood Romeo Gate £80
2 Tommy The Dealer Gate £30
3 Sable Sam 20 £15
4 Beacon Sorcerer 10 £0
5 Nia Patrol 10 £0
6 Precious Cargo Gate £0
PU Merefield Jack 20 £0
Time: 2.185

Race 4 - Grade B
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Maple Star Gate £250
2 Chinatown Maori Gate £40
3 Sunnyside Geoff Gate £20
4 Duggans Domino Gate £0
PU Wellfield Inspired Gate £0
Time: 2.204

Race 5 - Grade A H1
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Clares Own Gate £20
2 Scoobys Dream 20 £0
3 Bon Jasper 30 £0
4 Saunders Playboy Gate £0
5 Merrington Man 30 £0
6 Fold Be Nimble 20 £0
Time: 2.157

Race 6 - Grade A H2
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Meadowbranch Mike Gate £20
2 Meadowland Hasty 40 £0
3 Wellfield Ladygrey Gate £0
4 Strike A Light 60 £0
5 Immpartial 20 £0
Time: 2.159

Race 7 - Grade A Final
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Clares Own Gate £250
2 Meadowbranch Mike Gate £40
3 Scoobys Dream 20 £20
4 Meadowland Hasty 40 £0
PU Bon Jasper 30 £0
F Wellfield Ladygrey Gate £0
Time: 2.206

Race 8 - Saddle
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Sunnyside Geoff 10 £75
2 Secret Agenda II Gate £25
3 Dragon Penlan Gate £15
PU Tommy The Dealer Gate £0
Time: 2.195