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Post Bach Racing Review

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Teifi Harness racing committee are an innovative modern committee dedicated to providing exciting racing while encompassing the traditions of welsh trotting. In 2012 the races were cancelled because of wet weather and on Saturday the rain clouds hung over the track throughout the day. However that did nothing to diminish the quality of the racing as horses and drivers adjusted to the damp conditions.

Only one nursery this week provided a win for Robin Lloyd from Painscastle with Dernol Bonus justifying his long journey beating Rhyds Pontoon (Williams Brecon) and Ceiron Overway (Williams Tumble).

The Novice was a straight race and the much improved Blackies Boy (Prosser Libanus) looks to be hitting a purple patch under the guidance of Andrew Hardwick with the well fancied Llwyns Hall (White Porthcawl) in second and Forsas Dream (Lloyd Kington) in third.

The Grade B was also a straight race with the local mare Clares Own (Evans Newcastle Emlyn) again showing her class with usual pilot Mathew Tromans this win will propel her into the premiere Grade A where she is sure to hold her own. In second was Too Hot Today (Jones Merthyr) while Mahogany Magic (Davies Dehewid) was third.

There were two heats of the Grade A, in the first Bon Jasper (Jones Llanllwni) the in form horse came home ahead of back marker Strike a Light (Lloyd Kington) while the ever dependable Meadowland Hasty (Price Brecon) was third. Merrington Man (Thomas Rhymney) is another horse who has run well in the last week or two and confirmed confidence by giving driver Mark Evans a win in front of the irrepressible Scoobies Dream (Lloyd Kington) with Faraway (Atherton-Ress Narberth) was third.

There are plenty of young up and coming horses as three divisions of the Baby Novice proved the first race going to Nia Patrol the little mare who prefers to carry her owner Rebecca Williams from Ludlow on her back rather than harnessed to a sulky in second was Finnebarr Messenger (Meaney Merthyr) while Tyssul Opal (Atherton-Rees Narberth) was third. The Fuffer Man driven by his owner Mark Evans from Brecon has been very impressive this season and continues to make his way up the racing ladder by beating the improving Made in Wales (Evans Red Roses) and Brywins Lucky Charm (Jones Brecon). In the third race Glan Kirsty once again driven by youngster Dale Williams repeated her mid week win for long time supporters the Evans family from Talgarreg, in second was Fitch (Harries Merthyr) now making his presence felt in every race while Nadal (Atherton-Rees Narberth) was third.

The crowd are always appreciative of the Juniors as they begin to learn the trade, this week it was old-hand Celyn Evans from Newcastle Emlyn on Clares Own, owned by her father, who claimed victory from first-timer, grand-daughter Anna Lewis on Blackfield Buddy much to the delight of the Barton family from Clunderwen.

In the saddle race Nia Patrol and owner Rebecca Williams from Ludlow proved they can take on the best even if they have only just qualified for the class so claiming two wins on the day while relegating the favourite Sunnyside Geoff (Williams Brecon) into second place with Dragon Penlan (Barton Clunderwen) third.

The Dash gave Blackies Boy his second win of the day as a reward to owners the Prosser family from Libanus who have stuck with him over his problems as he repeated his earlier win over Llwyns Hall (White Porthcawl) with Brywins Jo Jo (Jones Ammanford) in third.

The Grade A Final provided the finale for the day’s racing with Merrington Man (Thomas Rhymney) in scintillating form winning decisively for driver Mark Evans from Brecon who claimed three wins, in second was another class horse Bon Jasper (Jones Llanllwni) while Chaps Commander (Jones Talgarreg) was third.

So although the weather was unkind and there were not a large number of horses the racing was spectacular, the next meeting will be the traditional Llandrindod fixture held at Penybont track on Bank Holiday Monday August 26th starting at 1.30 pm.

Detailed Results

Race 1 - Nursery
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Dernol Bonus Gate £0
2 Rhyds Pontoon Gate £0
3 Ceiron Overway Gate £0
4 Hendre Yankee Gate £0
5 Dragon Jack Gate £0
6 Wellfield Ladygrey Gate £0
7 Brywins Crispyduck Gate £0
Time: 2.251

Race 2 - Baby Novice
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Nia Patrol 20 £100
2 Finnbarr Messenger 10 £50
3 Tyssul Pearl Gate £30
4 Murray 20 £0
5 Ithon GB Gate £0
6 Dolan Hasty Gate £0
Time: 2.204

Race 3 - Baby Novice
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 The Fuffer Man 10 £100
2 Made In Wales Gate £50
3 Brywins Luckycharm Gate £30
99 Ithon Eddie 20 £0
99 Glan Levit 20 £0
99 Highcrossgraciemay Gate £0
Time: 2.195

Race 4 - Baby Novice
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Glan Kirsty 10 £100
2 Fitch Gate £50
3 Nadal 10 £30
4 Fairyhouse Gate £0
5 Ayr Miracle 10 £0
Time: 2.252

Race 5 - Novice
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Blackies Boy 10 £300
2 Llwyns Hall 20 £70
3 Dragon Penlan 10 £40
4 Sable Sam 20 £0
5 Blackmountain Jess Gate £0
6 Greenhill Emily 20 £0
7 Brywins Jo Jo 20 £0
8 Forsas Dream Gate £0
Time: 2.182

Race 6 - Grade B
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Clares Own 20 £500
2 Too Hot Today Gate £80
3 Mahogany Magic Gate £50
4 Ithon Ghost Gate £0
5 Sunnyside Geoff Gate £0
6 Kickstart 10 £0
7 Vyrnwy Taffie 10 £0
8 Boomshakalakka Gate £0
9 Bon Hasty Gate £0
Time: 2.175

Race 7 - Grade A H1
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Bon Jasper 40 £40
2 Strike A Light 60 £20
3 Meadowland Hasty 20 £10
4 Chaps Commander 10 £0
5 Ithon Eagle Gate £0
6 Faraway Gate £0
7 Blackfield Buddy Gate £0
Time: 2.180

Race 8 - Grade A H2
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Merrington Man Gate £40
2 Scoobys Dream 30 £20
3 Saunders Playboy Gate £10
4 Immpartial 30 £0
5 Meadowbranch Mike Gate £0
6 Terripan Hanover 30 £0
Time: 2.166

Race 9 - Grade A Final
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Merrington Man Gate £1200
2 Bon Jasper 40 £100
3 Chaps Commander Gate £60
4 Saunders Playboy Gate £0
5 Meadowland Hasty 20 £0
6 Scoobys Dream 30 £0
7 Strike A Light 60 £0
8 Immpartial 30 £0
Time: 2.166

Race 10 - Junior
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Clares Own Gate £20
2 Blackfield Buddy 10 £10
Time: 2.215

Race 11 - Saddle
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Nia Patrol Gate £70
2 Sunnyside Geoff 10 £20
3 Dragon Penlan Gate £10
4 Ithon Eagle 30 £0
Time: 2.204

Race 12 - Dash
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Blackies Boy Gate £60
2 Llwyns Hall Gate £20
3 Brywins Jo Jo Gate £10
4 Mahogany Magic Gate £0
5 Vyrnwy Taffie 10 £0
Time: 1.464