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Presteigne Saturday June 22nd 2013

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Broadheath common on the outskirts of Presteigne has been the scene for local enjoyment for centuries and the annual trotting races are a continuation of that tradition. This year the weather could hardly be described as sunny and warm, it was just a little fickle, but not enough to dampen the spirits of the enthusiastic crowd gathered to enjoy an afternoon of competitive racing on the good open track of this ancient site. Unfortunately an injury caused some delay as Sam Lloyd was ferried to hospital by air ambulance, happily with no long term damage.

The Nursery races for introducing horses into the sport opened the meeting, the first winner being Ithon Hawk owned by the Williams family from Brecon with the placings going to first time out this season Gold Ness (Evans Llanwrtyd) and Blackmountain Rose (Gibbons Llanigon). In the second Nursery Marys Jack (Jones Church Stretton) continued in winning ways to clock his third win in a row, now ready to compete in the Baby Novices beating the impressive C U Choteau (Thomas Llanbister) and Immortal Breeze (Williams Llanafan) having been off the track for three years showed plenty of form to be third. The third Nursery provided a clean sweep for Brecon owned horses as the unusually named The Fuffer Man (Evans Brecon) found his name no handicap, ahead of Brywins Lucky Charm (Jones Brecon) and Ithon GB (Williams Brecon).

The two heats of the Novice followed with the first going to the popular favourite Dernol Duke (Wozencraft Llangurig) with Blackmountain Jess (Gibbons Llanigon) in second spot and Brywins Jo Jo (Jones Ammanford) in third. In the second heat Ithon Inmate (Price Brecon) provided another success for favourite backers when he came home ahead of Merefield Jack (Broome Ludlow) and Greenhill Emily (Morgan Rhymney).

In the first heat of the Grade B an accident on the last lap led to some disruption of the race, however the result stood, this testimony to the emphatic win of Greenhill Cliff (Williams Brecon) ahead of an improving Abernant (Greenway Michaelchurch Eskley) with Duggans Domino (Gwatkin Evenjobb) on his season’s debut in third. Clares Own (Evans Newcastle Emlyn) continued to enhance her reputation in the second B heat winning from last time’s winner Kickstart (Williams Brecon) while Too Hot Today (Jones Merthyr) was third.

The Red Devil (Greenway Michaelchurch Eskley) proved too fast for his rivals in the first Grade A heat with the ever reliable Saunders Playboy (Pritchard Rhosgoch) in second and the often overlooked Meadowbranch Mike (Hitchcock Haverfordwest) in third. Bon Jasper (Jones Llanllwni) showed he has settled into the spirit of Mid Wales racing, winning the second heat from the unimpeachable Scoobys Dream (Lloyd Kington) second while Cardi based Chaps Commander (Jones Talgarreg) was third.

Three Baby Novice races illustrates the future of the sport as these youngsters begin their progress up the racing ladder. In the first Ithon Hannah (Bufton Dolau) on only her second outing this season claimed a victory to move her up to the Novice section, in second was the other backmarker, first time this season in a sulky, Nia Patrol (Williams Ludlow) while Big Harry (Duggan Llangunllo) going one better than last time, was third. The impressive Forsas Dream (Lloyd Kington) took the second Baby Novice, having only been out of the placings once this season, came home ahead of Tyssul Pearl (Barton Clunderwen) second again, while Kerry Ann Lobell put in another good run to be third. The third Baby Novice was another battle of the backmarkers as Fold the Notes (Perks Presteigne) ‘won his local’ from the striking grey Precious Cargo (Gwatkin Evenjobb) while Murray (Gittins Four Crosses) claimed third. Fold the Notes now moves up to the Novices.

The saddle race as usual provided plenty of interest with Bon Hasty and his owner Elizabeth Collingwood from Huntington anxious to maintain their unbeaten saddle record this season, which they did in style from Dragon Penlan (Barton Clunderwen) on his saddle debut with Chinatown Maori (Jones Aberdare) in third.

The Novice final proved to be a fascinating contest as the two favourites both made mistakes and so had to be content with the placings. The victor was the hard working little homebred Merefield Jack belonging to the Broome family from Ludlow driven by Shane Eggerton, how nice to see this dedicated family, trotting supporters for so many years, back in the winning limelight, and with a gutsy little horse they bred themselves. In second was Dernol Duke (Wozencraft Llangurig) with Ithon Inmate (Price Brecon) third.

The dash gave horses not able to compete in the longer distance a chance to show their turn of foot. Local horse Maple Star (Perks Presteigne) well known for being fast off the gate and partnered by Rebecca Williams provided another win for this successful partnership. Brywins Snowflake (Barton Clunderwen) driven by Louisa Barton returning from maternity leave was second while Vyrnwy Taffie (Jones Talgarreg) was third.

The day provided another surprise when the Grade B Final was too close to call, so Clares Own (Evans Talgarreg) the impressive ‘Cardi’ mare driven by Mathew Tromans shared the spoils with the exciting Greenhill Cliff (Williams Brecon) driven by Andrew Hardwick while the talented Abernant (Greenway Michaelchurch Eskley) was third.

The last race of the day was the Grade A final where Andrew Hardwick aboard The Red Devil (Greenway Michaelchurch Eskley) led for much of the way staving off challenges, but in the home straight the ‘grey streak’ Scoobies Dream piloted by Mathew Herlihy swept home to a narrow victory for the Lloyd family from Kington, perhaps some compensation for their difficult day, while Chaps Commander (Jones Talgarreg) just secured third.

So after a long day with some of the highest calibre racing, next week the sport returns to the all-weather track at Tairgwaith in Amman Valley on Saturday June 29th starting at 1.30 pm.

Detailed Results

Race 1 - Nursery
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Ithon Hawk Gate £0
2 Gold Ness Gate £0
3 Blackmountain Rose Gate £0
4 Apache Commander Gate £0
5 Ianto Dillon Gate £0
6 Dernol Bonus Gate £0
7 Tyssul Penny Lane Gate £0
Time: 2.336

Race 2 - Nursery
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Marys Jack Gate £0
2 C U Choteau Gate £0
3 Immortal Breeze Gate £0
4 Top Secret Gate £0
5 Ayr Miracle Gate £0
6 Hendre Bob Gate £0
Time: 2.301

Race 3 - Nursery
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 The Fuffer Man Gate £0
2 Brywins Luckycharm Gate £0
3 Ithon GB Gate £0
4 Danny Blue Gate £0
5 Habberley Haste Gate £0
PU Hilltop Allart Gate £0
Time: 2.295

Race 4 - Baby Novice
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Ithon Hannah 20 £60
2 Nia Patrol 20 £30
3 Big Harry 10 £15
4 Highcrossgraciemay Gate £0
5 Just Hold On 10 £0
6 Tommy The Dealer Gate £0
7 Finnbarr Messenger Gate £0
8 Glan Kirsty Gate £0
Time: 2.304

Race 5 - Baby Novice
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Forsas Dream 10 £60
2 Tyssul Pearl Gate £30
3 Kerry Ann Lobel Gate £15
4 Ithon Gift Gate £0
5 Greenwood Romeo Gate £0
6 Marys Jack Gate £0
7 Grecho Gate £0
Time: 2.275

Race 6 - Baby Novice
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Fold The Notes 20 £60
2 Precious Cargo 20 £30
3 Murray 20 £15
4 Glan Dancer Gate £0
5 Ithon Eddie 10 £0
6 Radnor Rebel 20 £0
7 Fitch Gate £0
Time: 2.292

Race 7 - Novice H1
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Dernol Duke 10 £20
2 Blackmountain Jess Gate £0
3 Brywins Jo Jo 20 £0
4 Ayr Warrior 20 £0
5 Miss Jackpot 20 £0
6 Blackies Boy 10 £0
7 Hold The Cards Gate £0
8 Sam Dot Com Gate £0
9 Miss Thunder 20 £0
Time: 2.246

Race 8 - Novice H2
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Ithon Inmate 10 £20
2 Merefield Jack Gate £0
3 Greenhill Emily Gate £0
4 Secret Agenda II 10 £0
5 Brywins Sweetheart Gate £0
6 Sable Sam 10 £0
7 Beacon Sorcerer Gate £0
8 A And As Beauty 10 £0
9 Man Of The Day 20 £0
Time: 2.270

Race 9 - Novice Final
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Merefield Jack Gate £125
2 Dernol Duke 10 £40
3 Ithon Inmate 10 £20
4 Secret Agenda II 10 £0
5 Greenhill Emily Gate £0
6 Blackmountain Jess Gate £0
7 Brywins Jo Jo 20 £0
8 Ayr Warrior 20 £0
Time: 2.242

Race 10 - Grade B H1
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Greenhill Cliff Gate £30
2 Abernant Gate £0
3 Duggans Domino Gate £0
4 Ithon Gypsy 10 £0
5 Maple Star Gate £0
PU Vyrnwy Taffie Gate £0
PU Holmes Dreamer 20 £0
F Boomshakalakka Gate £0
Time: 0.000

Race 11 - Grade B H2
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Clares Own 10 £30
2 Kickstart 10 £0
3 Too Hot Today Gate £0
4 Ithon Cracker Gate £0
5 Brywins Snowflake Gate £0
6 Cross Current Gate £0
7 Bon Hasty Gate £0
8 Wyeside Taurus Gate £0
Time: 2.247

Race 12 - Grade B Final
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Clares Own 10 £175
1 Greenhill Cliff Gate £175
3 Abernant Gate £0
4 Too Hot Today Gate £0
5 Duggans Domino Gate £0
6 Ithon Gypsy 10 £0
7 Ithon Cracker Gate £0
F Kickstart 10 £0
Time: 2.239

Race 13 - Grade A H1
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 The Red Devil Gate £30
2 Saunders Playboy 20 £0
3 Meadowbranch Mike Gate £0
4 Ithon Eagle Gate £0
5 Merrington Man Gate £0
6 Strike A Light 50 £0
7 Blackfield Buddy Gate £0
8 Immpartial 40 £0
Time: 2.244

Race 14 - Grade A H2
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Bon Jasper 10 £30
2 Scoobys Dream 20 £0
3 Chaps Commander Gate £0
4 Meadowland Hasty Gate £0
5 Terripan Hanover 40 £0
6 My Immortal Gate £0
7 Rhyds Desire 50 £0
Time: 2.257

Race 15 - Grade A Final
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Scoobys Dream 20 £500
2 The Red Devil Gate £60
3 Chaps Commander Gate £30
4 Bon Jasper 10 £0
5 Meadowland Hasty Gate £0
6 Saunders Playboy 20 £0
7 Ithon Eagle Gate £0
8 Meadowbranch Mike Gate £0
Time: 2.244

Race 16 - Saddle
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Bon Hasty 20 £60
2 Dragon Penlan Gate £30
3 Chinatown Maori 10 £10
4 Miss Thunder Gate £0
F Sunnyside Geoff 10 £0
Time: 2.272

Race 17 - Dash
Position Horse Name Handicap Prize
1 Maple Star Gate £60
2 Brywins Snowflake Gate £30
3 Vyrnwy Taffie Gate £10
4 C U Boykin Gate £0
5 Rhyds Desire 70 £0
6 Holmes Dreamer 20 £0
7 Brywins Sweetheart Gate £0
PU Miss Jackpot Gate £0
Time: 1.506